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Our Children are Sacred: Weekly Interfaith Vigil for Migrant Children

120 Montgomery St.,  San Francisco 8 AM - 10 AM

Join us every Thursday for our vigils in front of the Immigration Court in San Francisco, as children and their families go to their courts.

Come and be a prophetic presence to people walking by, children and families facing deportations and to the unjust immigration system that tears families apart and deports defenseless children.

In the past 2 weeks since the vigils started they have been very meaningful. Families and their children usually come around 8 AM. They are often confused and stressed to find the location of the building they must report to. Once we indicate where it is, and share who we are, they are usually very thankful for our presence.  We provide snacks and butterflies for the kids to color, since they may have a long wait inside the court.
We have also found the vigils fruitful in raising awareness of the Rocket Docket, where the cases of the children who arrived this summer are being unjustly expedited, and their cases harmed by the insufficient time that is given to them.

We distribute flyers with quick facts. In the heavy morning pedestrian traffic, people usually read our signs. Many are surprised, supportive and thank us for our presence there.  Sometimes, we had strangers join us in the vigil.  We end with a time of song and prayer.   Religious leaders are invited to wear religious attire.

Come and join us to be a loving and accepting presence to the children and their families as they face our unjust immigration system! The court's location is a very short block from the Montgomery BART station.





Our new address is:
5080 N. Maywood Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90041


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